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ЖИЗНЬ в музыке, заботе, любви, настоящих проверенных друзьях, посвящении, радости, тяге к знанию, чистоте помыслов..

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.." It’s the need for this person,- always and in everything..

   -The need to share his opinion,his inner world, thoughts,vision..

   Its to catch oneself at the thought that mentally you are always

    and only with this Person. .Its to flash up  instantly  with the desire

    from his touch, after the long separation, and after the deal of

    time not seeing one another,-to revive from this most dear,most  intimate,

    most known, and most longed-for kiss.."

"  This is L.O.V.E, - the love in grief and joy.

    Real Love is the one you hold on to through all your life. .like the Love for God,-

    When you feel comfortable,peaceful, and calm. So reliable in the arms of this  

    Person! ..while just to fall for someone would only mean mere passion…BuT LOVE

    Real LOVE …-too many tried to define it the best way, to give it most exact

    Definition, yet no-one was able to, with a complete understanding, till this very time".

"  So,what is the difference ? – you usually fall for someone for something,-his qualities,

   His character, his ability to make court to you,properly and handsome,his appearance,

   Etc. ….while as you really love – you usually do not care mostly of these things, you

   Just love. As they say it,- love is "wicked",-never know who you will fall in love with.

   ...and – to really love would be not for smth, but regardless of all.! "


"  It is an accepted "truth" that you  can truly love only ONE or maximum TWO times in

   Life. .while  you can easily fall for smb due to different motives,or moods,even every

   Day. –the difference is obvious. So simple: Love is when the person is very important

   To you, -in the depths of your heart, and .. very dear to you"

" Write it down in your note-book: Love is the Orphey, that brings you out from the animal-

   like state ( by Ernst Renan)"

"  LOVE is TIME, FALL for LOVE is just a blink of a MOMENT"



My personal vision:

Love is when you feel in your heart that it is Good and Right  for you to be with him(without inner search to explain yourself WHY) –and being with him means the sense of the whole world and existence to you from the point of devotion,then..passion is also LOVE,BUT when passion is HIGH,- at the spiritual level –this is the FIRE that comes not from you instincts but from you souls,as they truly become the whole one and you feel it in your heart, and you feel that you love even tiny things about him..like those things you can only see with your heart,and cant define them with words, because souls are coloured into spiritual fragrances that you can even "smell",BUT its not just about the chemical reaction people usually talk about – its about the HiGHEST UNDERSTANDING or finding yourself in another. Its about the SENSE, and you cant define SENSE,cause it is STATE without obvious meaning,-you just find yourself in it,as you truly LOVE and FEEL. .and I think so,that you love,you cant obviously devote your intentions ONLY to sensuality,like sexual sensuality,cause it is smth  different.

..and well,of course, person you love is dear to you,-always,for all the times,and  and without any special assumptions.

..and I totally agree that the highest sense of it to explain with simple words would be to compare this Love with the phrase "its like the Love for God", because no-one actually KNOWS God,BUT those who believe, they Love.

With respect to you,